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Press Releases

Report finds discriminatory hiring practices run rampant in K-12 schools Press Release, August 24, 2023

Low-income students missing out on at least $736 million in federal Covid aid Press Release, March 20, 2023

State update: Illinois plans to allocate remaining aid to nonpublic schools Blog, March 18, 2023

Recent Coverage

Public-School Districts Perpetuate Left-Wing Bias through Discriminatory Hiring Practices, Watchdog Finds, National Review
September 29, 2023

Report: Public Schools Pick Teachers Based On Their Allegiance To Cultural Marxism, The Federalist
September 14, 2023

Elementary school teachers must now embrace DEI principles to get hired at many public schools: study, New York Post
September 9, 2023

DEI hiring practices in K-12 schools require teachers to show commitment to left-wing ideology: Watchdog, Fox News
September 2, 2023

Patrick Hughes on Fox News: New report on DEI hiring practices in K-12 schools, Fox News
August 30, 2023

The Hidden Racial Bias in K-12 Education, RealClearEducation
August 28, 2023

School districts question applicants on diversity, equity commitment during hiring process, Daily Caller
August 22, 2023

WJLA ABC 7: New report highlights possible political and racial discrimination in hiring practices of K-12 teachers, WJLA ABC 7
August 18, 2023

Patrick Hughes on Fox Business: Covid relief not reaching studentsFox Business
April 11, 2023

Why aren’t governors using millions in COVID funds for students?, New York Post
April 1, 2023 

Hundreds Of Millions Of COVID-19 Aid Never Reached K-12 School Districts: REPORT, Daily Caller 
March 31, 2023

Watchdog says $736 million in COVID relief funds failed to reach nonpublic schools, Washington Examiner 
March 30, 2023

How Did More Than $700 Million in Covid Aid For Schools Go Missing?, Townhall
March 28, 2023

Patrick Hughes on Brad Carlson, Northern Alliance Radio – Brad Carlson
March 26, 2023 

Patrick Hughes on The Tennessee Star ReportThe Tennessee Star Report
March 24, 2023

National Opportunity Project founder Patrick Hughes details the misallocation of COVID dollars to private schools, The Tennessee Star
March 24, 2023

Patrick Hughes on The Lars Larson Show: Where did the millions in Covid funding to schools end up?, The Lars Larson Show
March 21, 2023

Over $700 million in COVID aid for US schools never made it to the classroom: study, Fox News
March 17, 2023